8UP Elevated Drinkery & Kitchen, a dazzling outdoor + indoor all glass drinking and eating experience, offers the best in unparalleled views. Whether lounging al fresco or enjoying the dining room, 8UP offers a myriad of drinking and dining experiences designed to please the sophisticated palates and celebrate the spirit of fun that defines Louisville. Experience the lounge at 8UP that boasts its very own kitchen designated to the indoor bar and enjoy our open air rooftop bar complete with fire pits and plenty of seating overlooking Louisville.

Conceived and developed by nationally acclaimed Atlanta-based Concentrics Restaurants, the space features a 90-seat restaurant where guests can relax amidst dark wood paneling and 8 foot high backed banquets opposite large picture windows that offers the best view of the city. An open kitchen lets you in on all the action. Chef serves up an extensive menu focusing on “Progressive American” cuisine.

8UP Drinkery & Kitchen is located on the rooftop at 350 West Chestnut Street, Louisville, KY 40202. Enter via private driveway entrance on Chestnut Street offering valet parking and an elevator that spirits patrons right up to the rooftop for elevated drinking and dining. Reservations are recommended. For more information, call 502.631.4180.

Chef Jacob Coronado

Born and raised in Houston Texas, Chef Coronado started working in restaurants as a busser/server and found his passion for cooking when he was 17. His first cooking job was at a restaurant,Monarch, at the Hotel Zaza in Houston where he began as a breakfast line cook and quickly moved up to sous chef. From there he worked with Concentrics Restaurants' Chef Todd Stein and Russell Kook where they opened the Wit Hotel in Chicago (the city’s first roof-top bar). He went on to work with Chef Andy Motto and Benjamin Benbow at Quince Restaurant in Evanston, IL. which fueled his desire for fine dining and molecular gastronomy. He subsequently was brought to Las Vegas, NV to help open the Cosmopolitan, where he was Chef De Cuisine of the Overlook Restaurant.

Coronado has built his culinary skills working under many renowned chefs including: Bradley Manchester, Gerald Chin, Steve Gotham and Bryan Fyler of the Cosmopolitan; Todd Stein and Benjamin Benbow were great mentors to him as well. He cites some of his greatest culinary influences as Michael Voltaggio, Grant Achatz, John Besh, and Thomas Keller.

The Chef’s feelings come across in the food he serves. As Coronado puts it, “I love to push the boundaries of ingredients while respecting them at the same time. Over the years my passion for food has blossomed into passion and respect for the restaurant industry as a whole. I love everything about what we do!”

Beverage Director, Clay Livingston

The self-taught Livingston never stopped learning. He completed the Tony Abou-Ganim and Dale DeGroff “Finnishing” School where he received “Master of Vodka” and participated in the Bourbon Cocktails Master Class with Johan Svensson of the Cobden Club of London. His bona-fides include an impressive list of awards, including but not limited to: Bombay Sapphire and GQ’s “Most Inspired Bartender Search” in Louisville in 2010, as well as the “Most Imaginative Bartender in Atlanta” from GQ magazine, Bombay Sapphire and the US Bartender’s Guild in 2012.

Clay’s training, in addition to his thirteen-plus years of experience, has given him an appreciation for the classic cocktails. The skills that he has honed he now passes along to his staff during regular training sessions. While he remains true to the classics, Clay has developed a reputation for using ingredients that are not always associated with standard cocktail recipes. Some of his modifications include combining an old fashioned and a bourbon and coke using a Mexican coke reduction, and combining gin, ginger, and lychee in his award winning Sparkling Sapphire. These creative twists he devises always surpass the taste test; after all, “at the end of the day, it’s all about crafting a cocktail that tastes sensational,” as Livingston puts his philosophy.